Culture Transformation & Ethical Intelligence

Sometimes we are faced with complex problems where the decisions that are not black and white: it’s where every option has some right and some wrong and when two (or more) things that we (or our organisation) value come into conflict. This is what we call an ethical dilemma.

When faced with an ethical dilemma, even people with the best intentions can make mistakes, because they have not developed the awareness to properly identify the ethical dimensions of their decision, or they don’t have the skills to navigate its complexity. This leads to poor decisions.

Our approach to business ethics is realistic, but not cynical. Business is a tough and mostly competitive. It needs rules and values to do right stuff but at the same time needs rules and values suited to a world of competition.
So business ethics isn’t about who can be the nicest, or who can do the most good — it’s about figuring out what kinds of policies and practices and attitudes will let your organization thrive and be a good neighbour while it does what it does best. And we provide support in that process.

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