Our Area of Work

Our Area of Work

Our Area of Work covers a lifespan of activities including Adapted Physical Education, Art Therapy, Out of Classroom Learning , Independent Living Skills, Work and Employment Skills, Activities of Daily Living , Early Intervention, Education, Assessments, as well as Awareness, Advocacy, Research and Parent Counselling.

Over the last few years, team Evoluer has worked closely with both, Educational Institutes: to create and deliver an effective curriculum, and Corporates: to assist them in accommodating persons with special needs into main stream. We have worked closely with specialist organizations that work in the field of Special Needs and have helped them devise a seamless and systematic Special Needs/Need Specific Program. Evoluer also has extensive training programs focusing on specific areas of special needs. We have worked with various corporate/ educational institutes and parent bodies to raise awareness and train employers, teacher and career trainers of people with disabilities– to be able to understand and better support them, using scientific, research-based methodologies.
We work closely with leaders in the Industry towards the same purpose, accomplishing assignment on learning, creating accessibility and inclusion, and employment opportunities for the candidates we work with – mainly differently abled young adults.

Evoluer works closely with CSU, Chico State University, one of the international leaders in adapted physical education globally. Chico’s Adapted Physical Education (APE) Program has a long history of success in training future teachers, gaining federal special education training grant and providing direct services to individuals with disabilities and their families. The program has gained international recognition from the success of its graduates, faculty presentations, workshop, and faculty publications.

Evoluer has developed an extensive knowledge-base for differently abled individuals to actualize their potential. In the past, Evoluer has teamed up with Dr Kelvin Ramirez who is a well renowned specialist in art therapy and its application in counselling. Thus, we collaborated with Lesley University, Cambridge and the FNI, USA to design and deliver an extensive Certification Workshop on Trauma Management, which was funded by Max India Foundation.
Evoluer, in collaboration with ‘Life Skills Experts’ and FNI, USA, has delivered a workshop on Stress Management facilitated by Dr Ramirez in December 2017.

Evoluer has collaborated with CBSE and has successfully been able to design a module of Special Needs to be included in the existing syllabus of PE for class 11th and 12th. This module is not a part of the syllabus for these classes across all schools in India.

Evoluer has collaborated with the Association for Persons with Special Needs, APSN, Singapore, and the Sparkz Foundation to design and deliver cultural exchange programs for them to run a successful India Student Exchange program.

Evoluer has partnered with the Laximibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior to organize the first ever 7-Day Certification in Adapted Physical Education for Undergraduates and Graduates of Physical Education. This is in collaboration with the California State University of Chico, USA. The workshop hosted close to 100 participants.

Evoluer, along with senior faculty from CSU, California, has delivered workshop for staff and students in Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, Delhi, and Amity University, Noida, on the relevance of Adapted PE.

Evoluer has consulted with UDAI Foundation, Delhi to revamp their entire Ability Specific program. It is also on the advisory for the Shaurya Foundation for the various programs. It has also worked extensively with the Ashish Foundation to set up their Expressive Arts Center.

Evoluer has collaborated with The Nirmala Niketan College of home science and LIGHTHOUSE, Mumbai to design and deliver kinesiology camps for professionals and families.

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