Outbound Program

Outstation Camps-

Evoluer’s Outbound Camps for persons with Special Needs

Evoluer’s Aim has always been to make sure that each individual’s potential and capability is realized and that by using the same she/he is able to lead a happy and fruitful life.

To that effect, over the past ten years we have been working with set of parents that have set out on this journey with us in our endeavor of using outbound camps as a learning process.

The objectives of the outbound camps are three-fold.

Firstly, they are a means of Recreation and Self Expression.

Secondly, they are an opportunity for us to be able to assess them for skills in the areas of Social, Vocational and Independent Living.

Thirdly they are a means to creating a social club and a peer group that will continue to exist and grow even outside the camps.

Besides this , negotiated individual goals can be carefully built into these camps

Evoluer’s camps , on the outside being a singular activity , are in actuality well thought out , layered and a differentiated situation for each camper to be able to optimally function at her or his level, with distinctive goals for each camper clearly charted out.

At the end of the camp the campers are given Certificates of completion, and a detailed report will be shared with the parents on the out come and observations.

POST CAMP-( where applicable )  the purpose of the past camp is to keep the graph of growth going for the campers. To that purpose , the campers meet biweekly and participate in planned activities to be able to create and maintain a social group.

The outbound program is specifically designed for persons with Special Needs, across ages & genres , and is tailor made to suit the individual needs of each ability group.

The program is largely delivered across three levels
1. Mild
2. Moderate
3. Severe

Through their exposure to the camp experience , the campers are able to internalise the following skills:

# Self Awareness – Campers are able to identify their thoughts, feelings, and strengths. Areas of focus – Self Image/Self Esteem. Attitude .Motivation. Responsibility.
# Social Awareness – Campers are able to understand their physical and social world, are able to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings of others, have empathy & respect
Areas of focus – Empathy. Respect. Diversity . Collaboration.
# Self management- Campers are able to learn how to handle emotions constructively; develop positive thinking, deal with stress and disappointments
Areas of focus- Handling Emotions. Coping with Stress. Dealing with Peer pressure. Time Management. Money Management
# Relationship management- Campers are able to communicate and interact well with others, are able to work productively, cooperatively and collaboratively , Areas of focus- Effective communication. Interpersonal skills. Teamwork and Cooperation . Conflict Resolution. Assertiveness .
# Cognitive Skills- Campers are able to analyse , make predictions and solve problems and improve their organizational skills.
Areas of focus Decision Making. Problem Solving. Critical Thinking. Creative Thinking
# Independent Living Skills- Campers are able to demonstrate the ability for independent living and obtain self-management skills and to take control of their day to day life at the camp .
Areas of focus Food preparation & management . Money Management. Time management. Gadget management.
# Expressive Arts – Visual, Music, Dance & Drama – Campers will become more self-aware, expressive and will develop awareness about the world around and brought in various perspectives.


Evoluer’s Inclusive Camps for Mainstream Students

These residential camps  aim to build value-based leadership skills and encourage the campers to move from thought to action. This intense yet fun-filled program comprises of experiential learning, workshops, fun and adventure sports. It takes the campers through structured modules in a safe & supportive environment, to help discover leader within.

The resident campers are going to be high functioning young adults with Special Needs. They are the group that needs peer interaction the maximum, and this is not available to them for various reasons. They also need LIFE SKILLS to be ‘taught’ to them by ‘friends’ rather than teachers. They need to bond, play, laugh , do sport and SOCIALISE with ‘normal’ young boys and girls.

The objective is for students from Class XI and XII from the IB programs and high school student across NCR to involve themselves in the two- way process of learning and teaching, working with the campers on specific Project Based Soft Skills and in turn learn about diversity and sensitivity and how to be able to work with someone whose learning pattern is different.

These mainstream students from across schools will be taken through sensitization sessions. Based on their plans & ideas of how they can make a positive impact on the growth and thought process of the campers, they will be supported by the Evoluer team ,as well as their councillors to design and deliver specific project based learning objectives to the campers during their stay at the camp.

Activities that ALL campers , special needs or otherwise , will be taken through

Team Building, community development, social skills, Nature painting, bonfires, drum circle, theatre, midnight swims in the lake, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining.

The Take Aways


Campers practice discovering and bringing attention to what is important for themselves and others, as a fundamental basis of leadership. They experience more about themselves and connecting with others.


Campers practice taking action, based on their understanding of what’s important, independently and collaboratively. They experience accomplishments, large and small, and feel empowered.


Campers practice approaching others with empathy, understanding their environment and community members . They experience creating a diverse environment that acknowledges and understands different values and opinions.


Campers practice applying thinking and leadership principles to create change in themselves and their communities, based on what is important and needed. They experience facing  real challenges and solving real problems, bringing tangible growth for themselves and others

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