Training, Internships & Employment of Persons with Disability

We have worked with various corporate and educational institutes and parent bodies to raise awareness and train employers, teachers and career trainers of people with disabilities – to be able to understand and better support them using scientific, research based methodologies.

We have also worked closely with leaders in the Industry towards the same purpose, accomplishing assignment on learning, creating accessibility and inclusion, and employment Opportunities for the candidates we work with – mainly differently abled young adults.

Evoluer is working closely with the SCPwD – Skill Council for Persons with Disability and is devising a road map that will catapult the PwD up for Success at Workplaces. To that accord, we have tied up with the one of the fastest growing Hospitality Sector Company, and have successfully trainees two young men with Autism, who have now been successfully inducted as interns at the workplace. One of the Areas that has great work and training potential is the area of Information and Communication technology. We have come across so many young men and women, who despite having many limitations, respond well to the digital media and show an amazing potential to work with computers. They show a particular affinity to sequential learning and process following. In the past our interns, especially those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, have shown an amazing talent to learn skills like data processing & entering, multimedia training and software testing.

We are in the process of connecting actively with Corporates and industry to discuss the possibility of setting up an arrangement wherein Evoluer’s students will be able to train at the workplace, of course shadowed and supported by our team member(s) and learn the skills of the trade at the workplace itself. This will not only help them learn the hard skills but will truly showcase inclusion and being able to work in the future. We are confident that with the work philosophy that most Corporates imbibe, our youngsters will not only learn to work in a world class environment but will also be secure in a caring and sensitive work-force.
On our part, we will make sure that the interns are equipped with all the work skills needed to be able to maximize their learning at a Corporate – grooming, dressing, following instructions, focus, staying on task, task completion, time management, being a part of the team, taking feedback, basic computer skills. They will also have the basic cognitive skills in place – Reading, writing and number knowledge.

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