Work in a culture of freedom and empowerment

At Evoluer, a culture of freedom and empowerment is instilled, embodying a commitment to an ongoing learning of eevery individual. As educators enter our school, they are strengthened through progressive workshops, personalized coaching, mentorship, and immersive study missions. Our education programs provide faculty members with adaptable tools, fostering their ability to respond flexibly to the evolving needs of every student.

Instilling a passion for ‘Learning to Learn.’

The educators embody the essence of instilling a passion for ‘Learning to Learn.’ With around 300 hours each year dedicated to training and curriculum research, our teachers remain at the forefront of cutting-edge teaching techniques. Half of this intensive training is led by esteemed international facilitators, thought leaders, and education experts.

Ensuring the best possible pedagogical standards

Furthermore, the school’s leadership, consisting of alumni from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Business School, and a team of global education professionals, strengthens the institution. We put in endless hours to support teachers within and outside the classroom as they strive for the highest pedagogy standards.

A comprehensive guide on how neurodivergent individuals can pave their way toward a successful career:

Preparing for a job involves leveraging these strengths while considering strategies to navigate potential challenges. This is a thorough guide for those who are neurodivergent about paving the path to a fulfilling career:

Self Awareness

Start by understanding personal strengths, interests, and areas of challenge. Self-assessment tools, career interest inventories, and discussions with mentors or counselors can assist in identifying suitable career paths.

Look for Resources and Assistance

Utilize available resources and support networks. Organizations, community centers, and online resources provide direction, mentorship, and access to programs designed to prepare neurodivergent people for the workforce.

Obtain practical experience

Engage in internships to obtain practical experience. Hands-on experience facilitates the application of acquired skills and aids in understanding workplace dynamics and expectations.

Develop Social Skills

Develop networking and social skills. Participating in courses, attending industry events, or joining professional associations can help develop the social skills necessary for career growth.

Resume Building and Job Applications
Create a CV customized to your preferred career goals, highlighting your experiences and skills. Emphasize any specific training, internships, and accomplishments. Ask for advice on preparing for interviews and job applications.

Adopt to a growth mentality

Attend workshops, stay abreast of industry developments, and look for opportunities for ongoing education to expand your skill set and adjust to changing employment demands.

The key to success and flourishing in the professional arena

Neurodivergent people can have rewarding careers by embracing their unique talents, developing their abilities, and speaking up for inclusivity. The foundation for succeeding and thriving in the workplace is preparedness, ongoing learning, and a positive outlook on obstacles.

Evoluers is extremely proud of its vibrant team of teachers, administrative and support staff who bring with them a wealth of passion, experience, knowledge and skills.

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