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Empowering Independent Livelihood and Employment

Evoluer Solutions

With a belief that young adults with intellectual disabilities and neuro-diversity can lead independent lives with the help of purposeful and continuing transition support, our special school in Gurugram has created a dynamic employability skills program to empower students and their families reach their goals. In the process providing Neurodiverse student the skills to comfortably pursue a mainstream professional career.

Our unique programs with extensive hands-on teaching model allows these special students gain autarky through internships and on the job trainings with increased interpersonal and independent living skills . We equip our students with professional intelligence and emotional skills to valuably contribute to businesses and above all society.

Employers & Partners

Evoluer has partnered with Microsoft Singapore and Microsoft India in a first-of-its kind program for people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. This Mentorship program has set a benchmark for inclusive practices at Microsoft India. 10 young Neurodiverse students have undergone mentorship with Microsoft in the past two years. 12 of our students visited Singapore for a corporate engagement program with Microsoft.

Evoluer’s Contemporary Office Services(ECOS)

Evoluer is the prime promoter of ECOS- Evoluer’s Contemporary Office Services, a co- working space that works as an Inclusive Work Space. 100% of ECOS employees are people with special needs. ECOS provides back-office support to many organizations. ECOS continues to be a fine example of ‘Inclusion makes business sense’.


In the last 8 months that Amitoj has been a part of Evoluer, I have realized that changing his school was the best thing that happened to us. Evoluer has been a place where he is welcomed, loved and accepted for what he is, irrespective of his needs. To see him grow and have a lot of fun while being there is amazing experience. Evoluer is focusing on making him ready for life ahead while also keeping in mind his needs & individuality. I would wish Evoluer grows leap and bound in coming years.

Jasleen Sethi

My daughter’s life has transformed after joining Evoluer Solutions!! She has found new purpose and great joy!!!
She is not only learning life skills but also getting opportunities to enhance her vocational skills.
Very positive environment with excellent faculty-skilled and sensitive!

Shelley Gupta

My son has been studying in Evoluer for about 9 months now, and I’m happy that we took the decision to change schools. A well-thought out curriculum, good educators, a sensitive, non judgemental environment, timely feedback, and a focus on getting the child ready for life, make this a desirable institute for all parents of special needs children. Thank you, Evoluer, and all my best wishes for the future.

Rajni Kumar

I am impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is totally different from other . Well planned worksheets for practice makes my child think beyond prescribed Textbooks. I like to take this privilege to congratulate all the staff members of the EVOLUER for its endless efforts, there dedication,giving children more confidence , engage in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teachers.

Great team – great institute!!!

Harish Goel

My son ,Samarth has just completed a year @ Evoluer.I can see a change in him….he is more verbal & social .And he goes happily….Our sincere thanks to Shaloo ma’am and her dedicated team of teachers.I look forward to him learning and being an independent young man

Soniashashikanth Sripathi

It has been a great journey for my son Rudra with Evoluer,he has improved his communication and social skills immensely.The teachers and staff are very cordial and supportive.The sports activities, outdoor activities and the birthday parties here are so much loved.Really appreciate the efforts.

Nandini Singh

My daughter has been a part of Evoluer for the past 8 months and I can see a huge difference in her approach to life.She is focussed,is able to control her emotions more effectively and has become more independent.She went for her first ever trip with Evoluer a month back.The team has a diverse faculty which takes care of the overall development of the students whether it’s financial literacy or computers or life akills.There are individual counselling sessions for children which are very helpful and effective.Everyday my ward looks forward to something new whether it’s her life skills class or a birthday celebration or some discussion in class.Thanks to the whole Evoluer team for their dedication towards children and giving direction and opportunities to them.

Chetna Kakkar

My son has been a student of Evoluer for the last 1 year – online mode. I could see a lot of positive changes in him in the way he interacts and communicates. The group sessions have helped him immensely. His one-on-one sessions are also something he looks forward to. What made me very happy was what happened a few days back. That evening, I could hear him talking to a few people on his phone. He seemed to be deep in conversation. I was intensely curious. As he had closed the door to his room I waited. After 20-25 minutes, my curiosity got the better of me and I knocked and went in. He was talking to four of his friends from Evoluer and actually enjoying himself!!

Considering that my son has the greatest difficulty relating to his peers, this seemingly innocuous conversation is a miracle to us!!! All thanks to the Evoluer team that made this miracle happen. Keep up the good work

Lakshmi Narasimhan

My son Varun has been a virtual student of Evoluer for a year now and he likes it very much. He looks forward to each of his group sessions as he meets his new friends and they discuss very relevant topics and have a wonderful time sharing experiences, learning new things, and learning to respect each other. I have seen a renewed confidence in Varun and the mentoring by all the teachers is very good. Way to go Shaloo and her team.

Veena Naren

My daughter Avani has been taking speech therapy sessions from Vishal for almost 5 months now. I see a great deal of improvement in her speech quality. She recently compered an online event and her speech was so clear and audible. She used all the techniques Vishal had taught her. I am very happy with her progress and recommend Vishal to anyone with speech difficulties. Thanks

Neeta Bhatawadekar

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