Entrepreneurship support to Special Children in bakery

The biggest success stories happen not when you follow a well-trodden path, but when you cut new paths for yourself, forging a journey uniquely your own

Not all individuals with special needs may develop the skills for open employment, despite our best efforts. Instead of fitting them into a space that may not be suitable, Evoluer encourages and supports them in entrepreneurial ventures, fully harnessing their unique talents for a more fulfilling and customized path.

Evoluer believes in supporting entrepreneurship for persons with special needs is crucial for fostering independence, empowerment, and inclusion. By implementing custom made support measures, entrepreneurship can become a viable and fulfilling option for individuals with special needs, empowering them to contribute to the economy and society at large. Here are some key elements of entrepreneurship support for this community:

Training and Skill Development:
Provide specialized training programs that focus on entrepreneurship skills, covering areas such as business planning, financial management, and marketing.

Mentorship Programs:
Establish mentorship programs where individuals with special needs can connect with experienced entrepreneurs who can provide guidance, advice, and support.

Accessible Resources:
Ensure that resources, including educational materials, tools, and technology, are accessible and tailored to accommodate diverse abilities.

Networking Opportunities:
Facilitate networking events and platforms where individuals with special needs can connect with other entrepreneurs, potential collaborators, and mentors.

Financial Support:
Provide financial assistance, grants, or low-interest loans to support the establishment and growth of businesses owned by individuals with special needs.

Adaptive Workspaces:
Create inclusive and accessible workspaces that cater to diverse needs, allowing entrepreneurs with special needs to work comfortably and efficiently.

Assistive Technology Integration:
Promote the use of assistive technologies that can enhance productivity and accessibility for entrepreneurs with different abilities.

Community Engagement:
Encourage community involvement and awareness to foster a supportive environment for businesses run by individuals with special needs.

Advocacy and Policy Support:
Advocate for policies that promote inclusivity and remove barriers to entrepreneurship for individuals with special needs.

Tailored Business Support Programs:
Design business support programs that recognize the unique challenges and strengths of entrepreneurs with special needs, offering tailored assistance.

Market Access Assistance:
Provide assistance in accessing markets, both locally and globally, to ensure that products or services offered by entrepreneurs with special needs reach a wider audience.

Continuous Learning Opportunities:
Establish ongoing training and learning opportunities to keep entrepreneurs updated on industry trends, business practices, and relevant skills.

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