“Family remains an eternal aspect of life amid changing circumstances, and special schools function as supportive family units for the families of neurodivergent children.”

Parents of neurodivergent children encounter challenges in accepting diagnoses, navigating complex education systems, and facing financial strain due to the costs of therapies. Social stigma and isolation contribute to emotional stress while balancing responsibilities can be overwhelming. Continuous advocacy efforts can lead to fatigue, and sibling dynamics may pose additional challenges. Limited support networks can leave parents feeling isolated, and the transition to adulthood brings uncertainties about the future. Coping with the emotional toll and planning for a neurodivergent child’s future requires understanding, resources, and community support.

Assisting Parents of a child with Special Needs in Gurgaon
Collaborative efforts to contribute to a holistic and empowering experience

We offer advocacy, training, resources, and emotional support to the families of students who are neurodivergent. This comprehensive and empowering experience benefits the learner and their family.

Educational Resources and Guidance: Designed to meet the unique requirements of neurodivergent students, we frequently offer families educational resources and guidance. This contains guidelines for good communication, tactics for enhancing learning at home, and information on comprehending the circumstances.
Parent Training and Workshops: We provide Parent education programs and workshops to help parents better understand neurodivergent problems and acquire helpful parenting techniques.

Customized assistance plans: We develop individualized support plans to collaborate with families. These plans provide a coordinated approach between the family and the school by outlining precise objectives, interventions, and strategies to promote the academic, social, and emotional development of the neurodivergent student.

Networking Opportunities: We frequently allow families to network with other parents going through similar struggles. In addition to shared experiences and insightful advice on managing the process of raising a neurodivergent kid, this sense of community can provide emotional support.

Counseling and Emotional Support: We offer counseling services to help families navigate the emotional aspects of raising a neurodivergent child and address any challenges they may face.

Transition Planning Assistance: we assist families in planning for transitions, whether transitioning between grade levels or preparing for post-school life. This guarantees a holistic approach to the child’s future and includes advice on independent living, career training, and educational pathways.

Advocacy Support: We guide families through the educational system, granting them access to necessary resources and ensuring their child’s requirements are satisfied. This advocacy position also involves working with outside agencies and helping families understand their rights.

Regular Communication Channels: We maintain open and regular communication channels with families. This includes updates on a student’s progress, sharing strategies for home support, and addressing any concerns or questions that parents may have.

What parents says?

My daughter Avani has been taking speech therapy sessions from Vishal for almost 5 months now. I see a great deal of improvement in her speech quality. She recently compered an online event and her speech was so clear and audible. She used all the techniques Vishal had taught her. I am very happy with her progress and recommend Vishal to anyone with speech difficulties. Thanks

Neeta Bhatawadekar

My son Varun has been a virtual student of Evoluer for a year now and he likes it very much. He looks forward to each of his group sessions as he meets his new friends and they discuss very relevant topics and have a wonderful time sharing experiences, learning new things, and learning to respect each other. I have seen a renewed confidence in Varun and the mentoring by all the teachers is very good. Way to go Shaloo and her team.

Veena Naren

My son has been a student of Evoluer for the last 1 year – online mode. I could see a lot of positive changes in him in the way he interacts and communicates. The group sessions have helped him immensely. His one-on-one sessions are also something he looks forward to. What made me very happy was what happened a few days back. That evening, I could hear him talking to a few people on his phone. He seemed to be deep in conversation. I was intensely curious. As he had closed the door to his room I waited. After 20-25 minutes, my curiosity got the better of me and I knocked and went in. He was talking to four of his friends from Evoluer and actually enjoying himself!!

Considering that my son has the greatest difficulty relating to his peers, this seemingly innocuous conversation is a miracle to us!!! All thanks to the Evoluer team that made this miracle happen. Keep up the good work

Lakshmi Narasimhan

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