Inclusion Makes Business Sense”

Evoluer is the driving force behind ECOS—Evoluer’s Contemporary Office Services, a pioneering co-working environment hailed as a game-changing paradigm for business models for inclusive work-space. ECOS workforce is entirely comprised of individuals embracing Neurodiversity and advocating diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. As a beacon of innovation, ECOS provides crucial back-office assistance to many prestigious businesses, establishing an industry-standard many businesses have since embraced and incorporated into their operations.

The services at ECOS
    • Data Entry: Arranging and entering information into a computer or database utilizing data processing systems or company-specific software.
    • Back Office Work: Data input, email response, scheduling, or appointment setup.
    • Creating Worksheet and Transcription: Creating instructional worksheets, voice-to-text – reports, feedback, and meeting notes.
    • Invoicing on TALLY: Entering bills and invoices using TALLY.
    • Digitization: Converting hard-copy books, workbooks, and notes to soft-copy.
    • Administration Work: Managing application admin panels.
    • Follow-up calls: Follow-up calls connected to the process or the customer.
    • Designing Posters: Designing flyers/posters in Photoshop using the templates/examples.

ECOS’s extensive range of services includes a wide range of services. From the meticulous task of data entry—the organization and access of information into computer systems or databases through the proficient use of data processing systems or specialized software—to the seamless facilitation of Office Administration, ECOS operates as a multifaceted support system for its clientele.

Furthermore, ECOS’s expertise extends into educational materials design, effectively developing worksheets using specialized formats customized to educational purposes. Again, the specially-abled employees at ECOS expertly transcribe the video into text, easing the translation of reports, comments, and meeting notes and demonstrating a dedication to accessibility.

The expert use of TALLY for Bills and Invoice input, the expert conversion of hard copies into soft copies (ranging from books to worksheets and notes), and the expert administration of administrative panels for applications all demonstrate the extensive skill set of ECOS’s specially-abled employees.

Furthermore, ECOS employees are trained to manage follow-up calls and client relations, ensuring smooth continuity and client satisfaction. Finally, ECOS’s creative ability is demonstrated by the expert creation of eye-catching flyers and posters using advanced software such as Photoshop and conforming to supplied templates and samples.

ECOS is an inclusive and comprehensive office service model, effortlessly integrating a diverse workforce with an unrivaled range of specialized support products to create a memorable industry standard.

Evoluer Solutions,Special Education School,Gurugram,Haryana