About Evoluer

Evoluer was founded in 2017 by a group of practicing educators working in the field of disability. We recognized the need for an inclusive society and decided to work towards the same. Our vision was to set a new paradigm of inclusive practices, not only in schools and other educational institutes, but in the industry as well. We are currently a consortium consisting of leaders in the field of Education and Special Needs, experienced corporate influencers and relentless workers who make it happen.

Students at evoluer - a special school in Gurgaon

Evoluer’s employability skills program has the unique approach of on-the-job-training. Emphasis is on real-world exposure and experiencing open work scenarios. All students undergo a structured, focused, supported six month internship in an inclusive work space at the end of the training.

Over the last few years, Team Evoluer has worked closely with various corporate and educational institutes and parent bodies to raise awareness, train employers and teachers, so as to build careers of people with disabilities. We seek to be able to better understand and support them through the use of scientific, research-based methodologies. We have collaborated with leaders in the industry towards the same purpose to accomplish assignments on learning, create accessibility and inclusion, and employment.

In the past we partnered with leaders in various sectors such as hospitality, banking, data processing, insurance, retail, hospitals, schools and manufacturing. Currently, Evoluer has 90 young people from across the globe going through our Employability Training Program, and another 150 who are our Alumni.

Leadership Team

Shaloo Sharma

Founder & Chief Service Provider

Samriddhi Gupta

Counselor and Mental health Professional.

Gita Dang

Mentor, Evoluer

Thinkers and Influencers

Rebecca Lytle

Ex- Chair, Department of Kinesiology, California State University

Harleen Oberoi

Diversity, Inclusion & Workforce Planning Lead, City of Sydney ·

Rajan Sharma

CHRO, Jio-bp (Reliance BP Mobility Limited)

Vishal Verma

Senior Speech & Language Therapist Talking in Steps, Sydney, Australia

News & Events

Picnic Day – 18 Dec 202(09-03)
Picnic Day – 18 Dec 202(09-03)

It is that time of the year again when the sun and open spaces call out to us . Monday 18th December, we will be taking the students for a picnic. We will leave from the institute ( Evoluer ,…

How education and careers are evolving for neurodiverse students in India?
How education and careers are evolving for neurodiverse students in India?

The Evolving Landscape of Education and Careers for Neurodiverse Students in India In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and recognition of neurodiversity, which includes a variety of neurological differences like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. Like many…

Empowering Every Learner: The Essence of Inclusive Education
Empowering Every Learner: The Essence of Inclusive Education

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What Parents Say

In the last 8 months that Amitoj has been a part of Evoluer, I have realized that changing his school was the best thing that happened to us. Evoluer has been a place where he is welcomed, loved and accepted for what he is, irrespective of his needs. To see him grow and have a lot of fun while being there is amazing experience. Evoluer is focusing on making him ready for life ahead while also keeping in mind his needs & individuality. I would wish Evoluer grows leap and bound in coming years.

Jasleen Sethi

My daughter’s life has transformed after joining Evoluer Solutions!! She has found new purpose and great joy!!!
She is not only learning life skills but also getting opportunities to enhance her vocational skills.
Very positive environment with excellent faculty-skilled and sensitive!

Shelley Gupta

My son has been studying in Evoluer for about 9 months now, and I’m happy that we took the decision to change schools. A well-thought out curriculum, good educators, a sensitive, non judgemental environment, timely feedback, and a focus on getting the child ready for life, make this a desirable institute for all parents of special needs children. Thank you, Evoluer, and all my best wishes for the future.

Rajni Kumar

Evoluer Solutions,Special Education School,Gurugram,Haryana