Corporate Engagement Program in Gurgaon for Special Children
Inclusion is the key to growth.

Evoluer is committed to encouraging workplace inclusion, emphasizing increasing employment for young people with cognitive disabilities. Our method differs from traditional vocational training, focusing on internships in open work environments. This intentional move at our special education school has revolutionized the community’s vocabulary and ideas, opening the way forward for promoting inclusive practices in the open work environment.

Why Are Corporate Engagement Programs Essential?

Corporate engagement programs or inclusive schools for differently-abled people focus on creating inclusive workplaces. These programs include hiring, training, and meeting various industry requirements. They include internship programs, specialized training, and the development of an inclusive culture. These programs seek to provide equitable opportunities and support networks for the professional development of specially-abled individuals.

Corporate engagement programs promote career education for special kids and individuals. They teach employees about inclusiveness, encourage diversity in recruiting methods, and give tools to help differently-abled people. The programs empower differently-abled people by recognizing their capabilities, showcasing their talents, and advocating for a workplace that values diversity, resulting in a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

What do we do at Evoluer?

Collaborating with Microsoft India, Evoluer initiated a pioneering special education program tailored for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. Over the past two years, two rounds of Mentorship Programs have set a benchmark for inclusive practices at Microsoft India, with ten young Neurodiverse individuals benefitting from these initiatives. Furthermore, our partnerships with The Lemon Tree Hotels and Red Fox Hotels have been fruitful, successfully transitioning our interns into full-time positions.

We’ve facilitated placements in esteemed hotels such as Sarovar Pride Plaza. Additionally, we continue to provide guidance on candidate selection and advocate for policy reforms in hiring processes. Pre-Covid, we were actively collaborating with the Future Group (then owners of Big Bazaar) and were progressing towards placing interns in full-time roles within the Retail Sector.

For corporate/industry clients, our services encompass a wide range:
    • Recruitment of neurodiverse individuals for both job placements and internships.
    • Sensitizing and training employees to foster an inclusive workplace culture.
    • Developing diversity policies tailored to specific organizational needs.
    • Providing specialized training for individuals with special needs along with job coaching support.
    • Conducting skill assessments to match individuals with suitable job roles.
    • Monitoring and evaluating special education programs to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Our team comprises global influencers led by the Diversity and Workforce Planning Advisor for the City of Sydney, Australia. Our teaching/training faculty includes esteemed professionals from various fields, such as Ex-Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at Chico State University, California; Lead Special Olympics Coach from the USA; Professor of Global Interdisciplinary Studies at Cambridge University; and Special Education Advisor from Minnesota, among others.

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