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“We all have the potential to thrive, given the opportunities and support that nurture our unique strengths and aspirations.”

Neurodivergent students encompass a diverse group with neurological differences such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other conditions. They may have distinct learning styles, communication preferences, and sensory sensitivities. Neurodivergent students may encounter challenges impacting their academic, social, and emotional well-being. They may encounter difficulties with social interactions, learning, and sensory issues. Their educational experience is made more challenging by the need for better self-advocacy and inconsistent access to support services thus making it difficult for these special students to craft a career

Catering to the unique requirements of neurodivergent students

We acknowledge what adults with special needs require most is a secure and non-judgmental environment where acceptance prevails, and their full potential is realized. Above all, they thrive by forming social peer groups where bonds are strengthened, and enjoyable interactions foster growth and development. Evoluer provided this space for interaction and growth

To meet the unique needs of neurodivergent students, special schools are essential because they offer a welcoming and inclusive environment that values each student’s individuality.

Diverse approaches to addressing the challenges faced by neurodivergent students

For neurodivergent students, our special school meticulously crafts individualized education plans (IEPs) that cater to their unique learning preferences and address specific areas of difficulty. This personalized strategy ensures that each student receives the necessary support to excel academically, fostering confidence in their abilities in a career of choice. Following this principle, Evoluer formulates individual transition plans (ITPs) that facilitate a seamless progression for special students from school to training, internships, and ultimately, into fulfilling employment opportunities.

Professionals specializing in life skills training and counseling for individuals with special needs are highly trained to address the unique challenges and requirements of this population. Evoluer’s experts possess specialized knowledge in adapting life skills programs to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. They focus on providing tailored support in areas such as communication, social interactions, self-management, and emotional well-being.

Our counselors work closely with individuals with special needs to enhance their daily living skills, foster independence, and promote a sense of empowerment. Their expertise extends to creating individualized strategies that consider the specific needs and strengths of each person, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to skill development.

Whether working in educational institutions, community centers, or specialized programs,our team works towards overall well-being and successful integration of individuals with special needs into various aspects of life.

Our employability skills program encompasses a diverse array of essential skills for personal and professional development. These include Executive Function Skills, focusing on areas such as impulse control, emotional regulation, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, organization, and goal setting.

Additionally, the program emphasizes Social Skills, covering interactions in peer, work, community, and home settings. We also address Self-Management skills, guiding individuals towards a heightened ability to regulate and direct their actions.

Independent Living Skills form a vital component, incorporating aspects like financial literacy, time management, travel proficiency, and gender sensitivity. Information and Communication Technology skills are integrated, ensuring participants are adept at navigating the digital landscape.

Finally, the program hones Critical Thinking Skills, fostering the capacity for individuals to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information effectively. This holistic approach prepares individuals for success in both personal and professional spheres.

Social skills are indeed paramount, and the significance of peer interactions cannot be overstated. At Evoluer, we recognize the invaluable role of friendships and peer connections in the learning process and mental well-being. This holds true for everyone, irrespective of special needs.

Understanding the importance of acceptance, Evoluer facilitates the formation of ability-based peer groups. We believe that the most effective learning occurs within a supportive peer environment. While school peer groups may naturally shift after graduation, Evoluer actively works to build new, inclusive peer communities for our students. This ensures that the positive impact of peer interactions continues beyond the school setting, contributing to the ongoing growth and well-being of individuals with special needs

Evoluer – with a goal to craft careers for our special students boast a dedicated team of Certified Mental Health Practitioners and Counselors who specialize in addressing the unique needs of our students. Our team is well-trained to provide tailored counseling services, ensuring the mental well-being of individuals under our care.

In addition to traditional counseling methods, Evoluer enhances its approach by incorporating Expressive Art Practitioners into the team. We recognize the value of Expressive Art Therapies as powerful tools for self-expression and healing. Our counseling sessions embrace these therapeutic modalities generously, creating a holistic and innovative environment to support the emotional and psychological growth of those we serve.

At Evoluer, our primary focus is on practical, real-life scenarios and functional learning. We believe in immersive experiences, incorporating exposure visits, engaging role plays, and hands-on activities into our programs. Our approach is experiential, emphasizing learning through direct engagement rather than relying solely on traditional book-based methods. By providing opportunities for active participation and practical application, we aim to create a dynamic learning environment that better prepares individuals for real-world situations and fosters a deeper understanding of the skills they are acquiring.

Evoluer is dedicated to providing inclusive internship opportunities and on-the-job training programs and eventually a career for our special students. Our commitment is to empower participants by offering practical experiences that contribute to their personal and professional development.

Internships for Students with Special Needs:

Tailored Opportunities: We collaborate with a range of employers to identify and create internships tailored to the unique abilities and aspirations of individuals with special needs.
Inclusive Environments: Our internship placements prioritize workplaces that value diversity and inclusivity, ensuring a supportive and accommodating atmosphere.

Skill Enhancement: Internships serve as platforms for skill development, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

On-the-Job Training:

Hands-On Experience: Our on-the-job training programs are designed to provide practical, hands-on experiences, allowing individuals to gain confidence and proficiency in real work environments.

Customized Training Plans: We tailor training plans to address the specific needs of participants, ensuring that the training aligns with the requirements of their chosen fields.

Supportive Integration: Evoluer works closely with both individuals and employers to facilitate a smooth integration process, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth.

By offering inclusive internships and on-the-job training, Evoluer aims to break down barriers, promote equal opportunities, and empower individuals with special needs to succeed in the workplace.

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a valuable option for individuals who possess the necessary skills for traditional studies but prefer a more flexible learning approach. At Evoluer, we offer comprehensive preparation programs for the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels of NIOS in all subjects. This allows students to work towards obtaining their school degree through NIOS, providing them with an alternative path to academic achievement.

To enhance the learning experience, we have simplified all curricula, incorporating notes and flow charts that are highly visual and individualized. Our approach focuses on catering to diverse learning styles, ensuring that educational materials are not only comprehensible but also visually stimulating. By providing personalized and visual learning resources, we aim to create an inclusive and effective educational environment that meets the unique needs of each student.

The Good News Never Stop…

Delighted to share that our student Meet begins his internship as front-of-the-house staff for the awesome cafe @mulberry_times This is a full-day, paid internship. Meet has completed Employability Skills Training at our Gurgaon Center. Wishing him luck in his career.

The entire team has been most forthcoming, accepting, enthusiastic and is super excited to have Meet on-board. Talks volumes about the mindset of the true crusaders of inclusion.

mulberry times visit by students of special education school in Gurgaon

What parents says?

My daughter Avani has been taking speech therapy sessions from Vishal for almost 5 months now. I see a great deal of improvement in her speech quality. She recently compered an online event and her speech was so clear and audible. She used all the techniques Vishal had taught her. I am very happy with her progress and recommend Vishal to anyone with speech difficulties. Thanks

Neeta Bhatawadekar

My son Varun has been a virtual student of Evoluer for a year now and he likes it very much. He looks forward to each of his group sessions as he meets his new friends and they discuss very relevant topics and have a wonderful time sharing experiences, learning new things, and learning to respect each other. I have seen a renewed confidence in Varun and the mentoring by all the teachers is very good. Way to go Shaloo and her team.

Veena Naren

My son has been a student of Evoluer for the last 1 year – online mode. I could see a lot of positive changes in him in the way he interacts and communicates. The group sessions have helped him immensely. His one-on-one sessions are also something he looks forward to. What made me very happy was what happened a few days back. That evening, I could hear him talking to a few people on his phone. He seemed to be deep in conversation. I was intensely curious. As he had closed the door to his room I waited. After 20-25 minutes, my curiosity got the better of me and I knocked and went in. He was talking to four of his friends from Evoluer and actually enjoying himself!!

Considering that my son has the greatest difficulty relating to his peers, this seemingly innocuous conversation is a miracle to us!!! All thanks to the Evoluer team that made this miracle happen. Keep up the good work

Lakshmi Narasimhan

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